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There are times that you need to consider the fact of trusting a company which is always willing to make sure that its products and services will be served all day. That is the mantra of Alpha Locksmith. As a company, we are not just after the money that we may get from the services we offer. We also care about the trust that all our customers. We do this by providing them exemplary locksmith services that they will never see on any other company.

Locksmith Marion MA | Automotive Locksmith

We have the hotline wherein you can always dial it to speak with one of our representatives or even directly to a locksmith. What we will just ask from you is the address and the background of the problem. Through that way, our assigned locksmith will know the tools and materials needed. Since our products and services cover all the cities in Massachusetts, no doubt that we will arrive on your favored place in just less than 30 minutes. If you are worried about the payment, we also accept credit card payments for your convenience. It is already proven that Alpha Locksmith can provide one of the most affordable products and services in Massachusetts.

Locksmith Marion MA | Residential Locksmith

Having a business which should run for 24 hours and 7 days a week can be very stressful. There are times that we do not receive orders. However, we never thought of quitting this job since we care on the welfare of the customers. If we will not continue this service, people of Massachusetts will have limited access to locksmith. Again, our hotline —- is available all day. It is a toll free number within the United States. Just in case you wanted an inquiry, you can also try sending an inquiry through our website. One of our experts will provide you a feedback within 48 hours.

Locksmith Marion MA 02738 | Emergency Locksmith

We specialize on all the locksmith jobs that you may think of. However, we stand out for emergency needs. This is a task wherein we need to solve the problem of a person who is stuck outside a locked door. We completely understand the urgency of this situation. Our professional locksmiths always have the idea on which materials and tools should be brought on such scenario.

Locksmith Marion MA | Commercial Locksmith

We also cover big accounts or tasks. Since there is a sudden emergence of technology, we are completely aware of the helpfulness of CCTVs. Since we also consider ourselves as security experts, we managed to earn advanced knowledge on its installation and maintenance. We can help you when you need help on CCTVs. We can also cover some high risk security tasks. As a matter of fact, we also have several clients from the bank and other financial institutions. We can install highly secured doors which will surely discourage burglars in penetrating the establishment. We can also sell and install security alarm systems if highly needed. Alpha Locksmith is an all around security-focused company.
Here are some of the products we carry and install. Check these links to the manufacturer’s website and know your getting top of the line industry hardware: Schlage | Medeco | Ilco | Von Duprin | Master Lock
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