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Security has always been a major concern, especially in the recent years where thieves have improved their skills in defeating a wide variety of locks. The only thing that can stand in their way is the work of a highly skilled locksmith. When the right types of locks are installed at the right locations professionally, even skilled thieves will find it difficult and too time consuming to defeat a lock. If there’s a security system in place, then defeating the lock will certainly not be worth their effort.
In our 7 years of service as one of the leading locksmiths in Belmont MA (02478), we’ve kept homes and businesses highly secured. Our dedication and commitment to our clients have saved them the heartache of losing valuables and may have even saved their lives.
Alpha Locksmith provides a complete array of security solutions. From installing basic locks and deadbolts to installing highly advanced security systems, Belmont home and business owners have trusted us time and again over the years.

Residential Locksmith Belmont MA

It is unfortunate that many people believe that they can install their own locks. We’ve encountered so many locks and deadbolts that have been improperly installed thus defeating their usefulness. In many cases, the weakness of a lock is not in the mechanisms, but in the installation. If you want to ensure that the lock performs as designed, then you need to hire the services of a professional locksmith.
We provide a complete range of residential locksmith services that include installation of new locks, repair of lock cylinders, rekeying, key duplication, and emergency lockout services.

Commercial Locksmith Belmont MA 02478

Countless business and commercial organizations in Belmont MA have relied on our dedication and professionalism. Not only do we ensure that the mechanical locks and security devices of a business functions properly, we also assess the whole security situation and recommend enhancements where required.
In some cases, we may recommend a complete security system, especially when there are large amounts of high value products at the premises. These systems can include surveillance devices such as CCTV cameras to ensure that the entire area is well secured any time during the day or night.

Automobile Locksmith Belmont MA

As a mobile locksmith, many of the calls we receive are from people who’ve been locked-out of their vehicles. To ensure that we can continuously provide the high level of service they require, all of our locksmiths are trained in a wide variety of vehicle locking mechanisms and security systems. Additionally, our transport vehicles are also mobile workshops to enable our locksmiths to provide immediate solutions to all types of vehicle lock-related problems.

Emergency Locksmith Belmont MA

The only time when most people think of calling a locksmith is when there’s an emergency. They’ve been either locked out of their vehicle, or locked-out of their homes in the middle of the night. With our 24-hour emergency locksmith services for Belmont MA, we can respond to any lock-related emergency any time during the day or night.

Here are some of the products we carry and install. Check these links to the manufacturer’s website and know your getting top of the line industry hardware: Schlage | Medeco | Ilco | Von Duprin | Master Lock Locksmith Belmont MA 02743